Product Trough Chain Conveyors

WUTRA Trough Chain Conveyors are primarily used to convey bulk materials. They are very hard-wearing, low-maintenance conveyor systems designed for continuous operation. In addition to simple horizontal conveying, they can also be used for inclined conveyors and conveyors with curves. Moreover, other operations can be integrated, such as:

  • Collecting and distributing
  • Screening
  • Bunker discharge
  • Air cooling/ water cooling
Produkt Trogkettenförderer TKF850

Trough chain conveyor
with curved trough, fork chain, flat slide valve

Produkt Trogkettenförderer TKF630 Zwillingsieb

Twin trough chain conveyor
with fork chain, intermediate screen floor

Produkt Trogkettenförderer TKF200

Trough chain conveyor
with single fork strand chain

Produkt Trogkettenförderer TKF630

Trough chain conveyor
with gas-tight design

The Drawing Element – the Chain

  • Calculated for each individual project-
  • Maximum flexibility and tailored to each conveying operation
  • High tensile strength and long service life thanks to internal conveyor chain production
  • Continuous further development
  • Servicing and repair of existing systems, including chain system replacement
  • Round steel chain
  • Forged fork chain
  • Welded fork link chain
  • Bush chain

Protection against Wear

Cleaning, wear, and material flow problems are dealt with by using:

  • Cast basalt
  • Ceramic inlays
  • Different wear materials
  • Build-up welding
  • Plastic plates
  • Protective coatings with composite materials


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Trough Chain Conveyors

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