Products Quality since 1889

For over 130 years, WUTRA has been producing an ever-expanding range of conveying equipment. The high standards of our products are maintained by our in-house design department and efficient manufacturing processes.

Produkt Förderschnecken

Screw Conveyors

WUTRA Screw Conveyors are used to transport a wide variety of bulk materials.

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Produkt Becherwerk

Bucket Elevators

WUTRA Bucket Elevators are used for the high-volume vertical transportation of bulk materials.

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Produkt Trogkettenförderer

Trough Chain Conveyors

WUTRA Trough Chain Conveyors are primarily used to convey bulk materials.

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Produkt Gurtförderer

Belt Conveyors

WUTRA Belt Conveyors are used to handle all types of bulk materials.

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Produkt Flachschieber

Flat Slide Valves

WUTRA Flat Slide Valves are important components in bulk material handling systems.

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Produkt Wegeverteiler

Way distributors

WUTRA Way distributors are built for powdery materials, granulate, and coarse-grained materials.

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Produkt Zellenradschleusen

Rotary Valves

WUTRA Rotary Valves are used to discharge and dose powdery materials and granulate.

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Product Screw Heat Exchangers

Screw Heat Exchangers

WUTRA Screw Heat Exchangers are ideal for combining transportation and temperature control tasks.

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Soda, potash and fertilizer

Sugar processing

Cement and building materials

Feedstock and biomass

Waste treatment and recycling plants

Power stations

Chemical industry

Glass and ceramics

Grain, seed, and animal feed